Our Team

Meet Our Artists


Ronit Rozen

Ronit is the founder of The Artsy Backyard, an Israeli native who has lived in Los Angeles for the past 22 years. Ronit received her Masters in Education from AJU, worked as a school teacher for 25 years, 

While exploring the beautiful world of art and what started as a hobby and passion, Ronit realized that you are never too young or old to try something new. She studied Graphic Design at Otis College of Art and Design, participated in many classes and workshops with different artists on drawing, painting, Mixed Media, and more.

Ronit named her business The Artsy Backyard as she started it from her own private backyard. Now she is proud to continue her journey at her beautiful newest studio location in the heart of Los Angeles.


Yasmeen Jade

Yasmeen is a devoted artist who is passionate about growth from herself and others. As a newcomer to the Los Angeles area from Florida, she traveled across the country to intern with a master artist.

As an intern, she assists with the production of gallery works as well as learning new techniques, which she now shares with those around her who are willing to learn.

As a former Education major at the University of South Florida, she is very skilled at breaking down seemingly difficult concepts to any and everyone who may be curious and willing to learn about the art world and what all it has to offer to us.


Kira Rappaport

Kira is an early childhood music educator. Trained as a classical flutist, Kira found a passion and talent for teaching and went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Music Education with an emphasis on early childhood music.

She teaches Parent and Me Music Classes and give concerts for families, where she sings and plays her flute. In addition, Kira present professional development workshops for preschool teachers on the use of music in the classroom.