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Don’t know about paint nights? Ask us!

Heard the term paint nights? Or might have seen your friends on social media posing with a wine glass in one hand and a painting in the other, and might have wondered about the social gathering. Well, they attended paint parties, maybe a private one. Learn about it, and join them the next time. A…

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Encouraging Art In Children

Gone are the days when kids used to run around, play games, read books and draw. Now all of them are hooked to their gadgets. Only the right art instructor can manage to draw them towards the arts. All that today’s children want is their iPads, X-box, TV and iPods. It seems almost impossible to…

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What Makes A Mobile Paint Party?

An artistic endeavor doesn’t have to be physically confined to a formal art class anymore. Social painting makes for an enjoyable and memorable gathering that doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket either. Paint parties have become quite a trend in recent times. The concept emerges from taking artistic activities to a social milieu and…

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